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Rare book: Apianus, Cosmographie, 1553

One of the most popular books on cosmography ever published.


APIANUS, Petrus. Cosmographie, oft Beschrijuinghe der geheelder Werelt van Petrus Apianus. derdwerf nu ghecorrogeert van Gemma Frisio mathematicien ende doctoor in medicinen. Metten zeecompasse ende anderen boecxkens byden selue(n) Gemma daer toegedaen. Antwerp: Gregorius de Bonte, 1553. 4to (22 x 14 cm), modern blindstamped calf "à l'antique", bevelled edges, spine on 3 raised bands, lxxv-[1] pp., good complete copy (somewhat damstained and soiled).

Item number: 13703 - Price: €8000 ($8960 / £7040)

Piso G. De Indiae utriusque re naturali et medica, ... Amsterdam, Elzevir, 1658.

*** A pioneer work on tropical medicine ***


PISO G.  De Indiae utriusque re naturali et medica, libri quatuordecim. Amsterdam, Elzevir, 1658. 11p, 329pp, 2p, 39pp, 226pp, 1p.

Second edition, revised and enlarged, folio (346 x 214mm.), engraved title, approx. 650 woodcuts in the text, contemporary vellum.

Item number: 21499 -

Kepler J. Tabulae Rudolphinae. Ulm: Jonas Saur, 1627.

First edition of Kepler's astronomical tables, "THE FOUNDATION OF ALL PLANETARY CALCULATIONS FOR OVER A CENTURY" (Sparrow)


KEPLER, Johannes (1571 - 1630). Tabulae Rudolphinae, quibus astronomicae scientiae, temporum longinquitate collapsae restauratio continentur. Ulm: Jonas Saur, 1627. 4 parts in one, folio (326 x 224 mm).

Item number: 21441 -
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