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Antique map of Holy Land by Jaillot - Covens & Mortie

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Voyage des Enfans d'Israel dans le Desert depuis leur Partie d'Egypte par la Mer Rouge ... - Covens & Mortier, c. 1720.

Map of Holy Land divided into the 12 Tribes of Israel on both sides of the Jordan, the shoreline running from Sidon to Gaza.
Along the top an extended title-text added. Features two beautiful cartouches. Upper left: the title cartouche surrounded by flowers shows at left Moses holding the Tablets of the Law and at right Aaron. At the bottom of the cartouche: a vignette depicting the snake adored by the Jews. Right hand bottom corner: another cartouche showing Adam and Eve in Paradise below the tree and the snake offering the apple.

Cartographer: Sanson.
Date: 1710

Copper engraving, printed on two sheets, joined.
Size: 53 x 84cm (20.7 x 32.8 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Old body colour, on heavy paper, excellent.
Condition Rating: A+
References: Laor, 367.

From: Jaillot A.H. Atlas Nouveau, contenant toutes les parties du monde, ... Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, 1710.

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