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Antique map of Utrecht by P. Kaerius (Van den Keere).

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Ultraiectum Dominium - Kaerius (Van den Keere) P, 1617.

Old map of Utrecht by P. Kaerius (Van den Keere).

Date of the first edition: 1617
Date of this map: 1617

First state of this highly decorative map of the Province of Utrecht.

In the Zuiderzee a cartouche is located with a view of Utrecht (Traiectum). A shield with the coat of arms of the province of Utrecht is shown in the upper right. Below of it, two upright standing costumed figures (TRAIECTINI) are depicted. Along the bottom border are two rows of coat of arms. The left one shows the arms of the towns in the bishopric Utrecht (Utrecht, Amersfort, Rhenen, Wijk and Montfort), the right one the coats of arms of the most principal vasalls and allies of the bishopric Utrecht.

The map content is a reduction of the map of Utrecht by Cornelius Anthonisz. Hornhovius of 1599, now only known from a later edition by Clement de Jonghe. (Schilder)

Copper engraving
Size: 37 x 48cm (14.4 x 18.7 inches)
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Old coloured, excellent.
Condition Rating: A
References: Van der Krogt 3, 3660:364; Schilder 8, p.541, 33.1.

From: Petri Kaerii Germania Inferior id est, XVII provinciarum ejus novae et exactae Tabulae Geographicae, cum Luculentis Singularum descriptionibus additis. À Petro Montano. Amsterdam, 1617. (Koeman, Kee1; Van der Krogt 3, 64:01)

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