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Old, antique map - bird's-eye view of Novara by Braun and Hogenberg

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Novara Mediolanensis Ducatus Civitas - Braun & Hogenberg, c. 1625.

Old map - bird's-eye view of Novara by Braun and Hogenberg.

CAPTION: Novara, city in the Duchy of Milan.

TRANSLATION OF CARTOUCHE TEXT: When this city was besieged by King Louis of France in 1513, the garrison consisting of Swiss soldiers made a sortie and invaded the French camp. They killed 12,000 soldiers, took 25,000 prisoners and captured all heavy weapons and war machines. In this way they forced the French to end the siege. Procured by Georg Hoefnagel.

COMMENTARY BY BRAUN (on verso): "This city lies in Lombardy, called Insubria in Latin, but now commonly known as the Duchy of Milan, and is located on the border with Piedmont. [...] It was always ruled by the princes of Milan, first the Turriani, then the Visconti, then the Sforza, and also the kings of France, and has always been loyal to Milan, the capital."

This bird's-eye view from the east shows the narrowly enclosed city in a densely populated landscape, with Pavia (B) and Milan (A) shown in the background. Parts of the city wall has been damaged and the moat has been dug but not completed - a reference to the armed conflicts in which the city was involved at the beginning of the 16th century, when King Louis XII of France claimed Milan from Duke Ludovica Sforza and laid siege to Novara. Swiss troops helped the duke to victory in 1513. Clearly visible in the castle, originally a Roman fortress that was rebuilt under Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza in 1468. In the 7th century the Roman city was the centre of a Lombardian duchy and in the 9th century of a French county. In 1167 it joined the Lombard League, and accepted the protection of Milan at the end of the 12th century. (Taschen)

Date of the first edition: 1617
Date of this map: c. 1625

Copper engraving
Size: 32.5 x 47.5cm (12.7 x 18.5 inches)
Verso text: French
Condition: Old coloured.
Condition Rating: A
References: Van der Krogt 4, 3111; Taschen, Braun and Hogenberg, p.484.

From: Théatre des Principales Villes de tout l'Univers Vol. VI. c. 1625. (Van der Krogt 4, 41:3.6)

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