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Old, antique map - bird's-eye view plan of Vicenza by Braun and Hogenberg

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Vicenza - Vicentia Amplissima Marchiae Tarvisinae Civit. - Braun & Hogenberg, 1612.

Old, antique map - bird's-eye view plan of Vicenza by Braun and Hogenberg, with key to locations.

CARTOUCHE: Very rich Vicenza, a city in the province of Tarvisium (Treviso).

COMMENTARY BY BRAUN: "The city itself is very beautiful and adorned by stately buildings, of which the town hall on the market square and the Dominican priory of the Friars Minor are the most elegant and the handsomest. A thorn from the Crown of Thorn worn by Christ our Saviour can be seen in the priory church, which Bartholomew Vicentius, bishop of this city and a Dominican friar from France, brought with him since it had been given to him by St Louis, king of France. This thorn is the relic most venerated by Vincentines and is carried about in the city each year with the greatest of veneration. There is also a noble library in the above-mentioned priory."

The city is seen from the north in a bird's-eye view. At the centre is the Piazza dei Signori with the nearly 80-m-high Torre di Piazza. To the right is the Basilica Palladiana, originally a Gothic palace (Palazzo della Ragione), of which little remains since it underwent extensive renovation in magnificent Renaissance style in the 16th century as did the adjacent buildings. The detailed depiction of the buildings and the rather sketchy street map are deceptive and do not do justice to the size and magnificence of this densely built city. Originally founded by the Euganei, Vicenza became Roman in 177 BC. In 1404 the city passed to Venice, as indicated by the winged lion on the left-hand edge of the main square. Many of the earlier buildings were either remodelled or rebuilt by Andrea Palladio in the second half of the 16th century, including the superb Piazza dei Signori complex. (Taschen)

Date of the first edition: 1588
Date of this map: c. 1593

Copper engraving
Size: 36 x 43.5cm (14 x 17 inches)
Verso text: French
Condition: Old coloured, excellent.
Condition Rating: A
References: Van der Krogt 4, 4693; Taschen, Braun and Hogenberg, p.326.

From: Liber Quartus - Théatre des Principales Villes de tout L'Univers. Cologne, c. 1593. (Van der Krogt 4, 41:3.4)

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