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Old, antique map - bird's-eye view on Velletri by Braun and Hogenberg.

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Velitrae vulgo Blitri - Braun & Hogenberg, 1599.

Old map - bird's-eye view on Velletri by Braun and Hogenberg.

The two figures in the bottom right corner are Abraham Ortelius and Georg Hoefnagel on their travels through Italy in 1578.

CARTOUCHE: Velitrae, in Italian Velletri.

COMMENTARY BY BRAUN: "The ancient mountain town of Velletri in Latium is surrounded by a wall that encloses not only magnificently beautiful buildings and churches with tall spires, but also fields, orchards and vineyards. [...] From the town there is a good view all around, looking out over many nearby towns."

This is a view from the northwest of Velletri and the hills around Coru. On the right the Pontine marshes (D) can be seen, and in the distance Capo Circeo (A) and the Isola di Ponza (B). In the centre of the town is the church of Sancta Maria del Trivio and next to it the Gothic Torre del Trivio, the town's landmark. The spire on the right belongs to the cathedral of San Clemente I, which was the titular church of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI. Between the cathedral and the Torre del Trivio is the Palazzo Comunale, which today houses the municipal authorities and a museum. Velletri belonged to the Papal States from the Middle Ages until the unification of Italy in the 19th century. (Taschen)

Date of the first edition: 1581
Date of this map: 1599

Copper engraving
Size: 40 x 342cm (15.6 x 133.4 inches)
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Uncoloured, excellent.
Condition Rating: A
References: Van der Krogt 4, 4598; Taschen, Braun and Hogenberg, p.257.

From: Civitates Orbis Terrarum. . Liber tertius. Köln, Bertram Buchholtz, 1599. (Koeman, B&H3)

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