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Old, antique map of XVII Provinciën by A. Goos

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Belgium Sive Inferior Germania post omnes in hac forma, exactissime descripta. - A. Goos, 1621.

Old map of the  XVII Provinciën by A. Goos, oriented to the West

Date of the first edition: 1618
Date of this map: 1630

Date on map: 1621

Copper engraving
Size: 42.5 x 55.5cm (16.6 x 21.6 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Coloured, cleaned and restored at margins and centrefold.
Condition Rating: C
References: Schilder 6, 54.2; Van der Heijden (Netherlands), 85, 2nd state; Van der Krogt 1, 3000:1B.

From: Atlantis Maioris Appendix. Amsterdam, J. Janssonius, 1630. (Van der Krogt 1, 1:202)

Second state of this beautiful and very rare map (first state is 1618), now published by J. Janssonius.

Abraham Goos was active not only as a map engraver for the workshops of Claes Jansz Visscher and the Hondius family, but also engraved and published on his own account. In 1616 Goos published his Nieuw Nederlandtsch Caertboeck, a small atlas of the Seventeen Provinces in 23 maps. The map of the Seventeen Provinces, engraved and published by Abraham Goos in 1618, is an example of his activities in the field of the single-sheet map.
The map image in the centre is oriented with west at the top and based mostly on the 1608 map of the Seventeen Provinces by Willem Jansz (Blaeu). A striking feature in the map content is the intentional omission of the region known as Leodiensis Episcopatus. This Prince-bishopric of Liege is blank on the map because it does not form part of the Seventeen Provinces in the legal sense (the Goos map is an exception in this respect), because all the other maps of the Seventeen Provinces include the Prince-bishopric of Liege. The reclamation of the Zijpe, Beemster and Purmer polders and a small area in the Dollart region is indicated in the map.

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