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Old antique world map by Laurent Fries after Martin Waldseemüller.

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*** The earliest obtainable worldmap to include the name AMERICA ***

Orbis Typus Universalis Iuxta Hydrographorum Traditionem Exactissime Depicta 1522 L.F. - Laurent Fries, 1522.      First edition

Old world map by Laurent Fries after Martin Waldseemüller.

Date of the first edition: 1522
Date of this map: 1522

Size: 33 x 48cm (12.9 x 18.7 inches)
Verso text: Blank
Condition: Light brown stain in upper left part, else excellent with wide original margins.
Condition Rating: A
References: Shirley (World), 48; Nordenskiold, Plate XXXIX; Karrow, 28/51

From: Laurent Fries, Opus Geographiae. Strasbourg, J. Grüninger, 1522. (Shirley (Brit. Lib.), T.PTOL.7a))

In 1522 Laurent Fries published an edition of Ptolemy's Geography in which virtually all of the maps, including this one, were reduced versions of Waldseemüller's, 1513. The first of the tw modern world maps in the atlas is however Fries' own rendering which is dated 1522 and is initialled 'L.F.' in the main title. Directional lines criss-cross the surface of the map and there is an unusual outer frame whereby banners containing the names of the winds are each linked by looped coils of rope.
Shirley: "... Fries' map is much sought after as it somehow reflects the ambiguities of his age." A framework of medieval thinking is having to be re-cast in order to accept the as yet unrealised extent of the newly conquered lands. For decorative value, if not for accuracy, the map has considerable attractions. It was reprinted in the late Strassbourg, Lyons and Vienne editions of Ptolemy and it is one of the earliest world maps that collectors can still obtain.
Later editions have a further title Tabu. Totius Orbis printed in a large banner above the top of the map.

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