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Old antique map of Switzerland by J. J. Scheuchzer - P. Schenk.

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Nova Helvetiae Tabula Geographica Illustrissimis et Potentissimis Cantonibus et Rebuspublicis Reformatae Religionis Tigurinae, Bernensi Scaphusianae, Abbatis Cellanae, ... - J. J. Scheuchzer - Schenk P., c. 1720.

Old map - spectacular wall map of Switzerland by J. J. Scheuchzer.


With an elaborate title cartouche with allegorical figures representing the Swiss rivers, richly decorated surrounds, with key.


Cartographer: J. J. Scheuchzer (1672-1733), physician and geographer of Zürich.

Engraved by J.H. Huber & E. Schalch.
Additional title across top: "Helvetiae Pagi seu Cantones XIII ...".

Copper engraving, printed on four sheets, unjoined.
Size of each sheet: 46.5 x 56cm (18.1 x 21.8 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Old body colour, excellent.
Condition Rating: A+
References: Campbell, Early Maps, p.104-105, pl.48; Blumer (Schweiz), #166.

From: Atlas Contractus sive Mapparum Geographicarum Sansoniarum auctarum et correctarum Nova Congeries. Amsterdam, P. Schenk, c. 1720. (Koeman, Sche 1)

"Scheuchzer's splendid four-sheet map was published in 1712; [...] Its borders make it probably the most handsome map ever produced of Switzerland; yet the carefully labeled tableaux were intended as scientific illustrations, not just decoration ..." (Campbell)

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