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Old antique world map by Henricus Hondius.

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Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula. - H. Hondius - J. Janssonius, 1633.

Old world map - double hemisphere by H. Hondius, with corner portraits of J. Caesar, Cl. Ptolemy, G. Mercator & J. Hondius. Insular California.

Date of the first edition: 1631
Date of this map: 1633
Date on map: 1630

Dedication to David Sanclarus, Antonius de Willon and Martinius by H. Hondius.

Copper engraving
Size: 38 x 54.5cm (14.8 x 21.2 inches)
Verso text: French
Condition: Original coloured, light age-toned, especially to margins due to prior framing.
Condition Rating: A
References: Shirley (World), 336, State 1; Van der Krogt 1, 0001:1C.1; Clancy, p.74 Map 6.2.

From: Gerardi Mercatoris et I. Hondii Atlas ou Representation du Monde Universel, et des Parties d'Icelui, Faicte en Tables et Descriptions Tres-Amples, et Exactes. A Amsterdam chez Henry Hondius, 1633. (Van der Krogt 1, 311)

In 1629, threatened by pending competition from W.J. Blaeu and his sons, Jan Jansson and his partner Henricus Hondius set about revising the Mercator-Hondius atlas which (in respect of the world map) had continued unchanged for nearly thirty-five years. The partners' new world map is a fine ornate example of the decorative cartography of the time. The two hemispheres are bordered by voluptuous representations of the four elements and other scenes: in the top corners are portraits of Julius Caesar and Claudius Ptolemy and in the bottom corners are protraits of the author's father Jodocus Hondius and his mentor Gerard Mercator.
For geographical detail Hondius has followed Speed and his contemporaries and also presents California as an island. New features include part of the north Australia coastline extending towards New Guinea and a redrawing of north-east Canada with 'Queen Ann's forland' (Baffin Island) shown completeley encircled by open water.
The Hondius-Jansson world map had as a long a life as its predecessor, as it was included in all issues of the Mercator atlas from 1633 until at least 1658. Four states have been traced with dates on the map as follows (See Shirley):

State 1 1630
State 2 1641 with Amstelodami Excudit Ioannes Ianssonius added at the bottom
State 3 1663 in Atlas Contractus of Jan Jansson and in sea atlases of Van Loon
State 4 1666 in Atlas Major of Jan Jansson

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