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Old antique map of Flanders (Vlaanderen) by Domenico Zenoi.

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***   Rare Lafreri-School Map   ***

Exactissima Flandriae descriptio. Flandria, Caroli V. Aug. Imp. max. natione illustrissima, Belgice provinciae est . . . . Ad signum Bibliothecae Diui Marci. Dominicus Zenoi Venetus excidebat. Venetijs M.D.M.VIIII. - Zenoi D., 1559.

Old, antique map of Flanders, by Domenico Zenoi.


Oude kaart van Vlaanderen, door Domenico Zenoi.

Cartographer: Gerard Mercator

Date of the first edition: 1559
Date of this map: 1559
Date on map: 1559.

Copper engraving
Size: 40 x 49cm (15.6 x 19.1 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Trimmed to neatline, over neatline at bottom.
Condition Rating: A
References: Bifolco-Ronca, Tav. 285; Tooley, #201; Karrow 56/6.4.

Separate publication.

Reduced copy of Mercator's four-sheet map of 1540.
Rare Lafreri-type map. There are three variants of this map: One with the name of Dominicus Zenoi (Karrow 56/6.4), one without this name, and one with the name Camocio.

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