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Old antique map of Northwest North America by G. de Jode.

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Quivirae Regnu cum Alijs versus Borea. - G. de Jode, 1593.

Old map of Northwest North America by G. de Jode.

Date of the first edition: 1593
Date of this map: 1593

Copper engraving, printed on paper.
Size (not including margins): 35 x 24.5cm (13.7 x 9.6 inches)
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Original coloured, offsetting, some staining.
Condition Rating: B+
References: Van der Krogt 3, 9190:32; Burden 82; Wagner, 171.

From: Speculum Orbis Terrae. Antwerpen, G. De Jode, 1593. (Van der Krogt 3, 2:02)

Quivirae Regnu ...: "Like the Americae Pars Borealis this single sheet map is largely derived from the eighteen sheet world map by Petrus Plancius of 1592. It is the first published map devoted to the west and north-west coasts of North America, and comes from de Jode's very rare atlas entitles Speculum Orbis Terrae.
It depicts the west coast from below the Tropic of Cancer to the North Pole here represented by the top border of the map. Part of the four islands derived from Mercator surrounds the pole. Belows this runs the western end of the North West Passage leading into the El Streto de Anian. At this point we find the legend Polus Magnetis respectu insularu Capitis Viridis, and early indication of the magnetic pole. The map couples perfetly with the map Americae Pars Borealis to complete the coverage of North America. The inland details largely reflect the extent of various beliefs and legends that existed at the time; only part of the coastline records first hand knowledge. It is beautifully adorned with mythical sea creatures and ships.
Being issued in only one edition the map is very rare. There is only one known state of it." (Burden).

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