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Old antique map of Utrecht by Caspar Specht, published by J. Ottens.

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Caerte vande Vryheyd der Stadt Utrecht volgens Decisie vanden Iare 1539. - Ultrajecti ejusdemque Territorii. - Ottens R. & I., c. 1745.

Old map of the vicinity Utrecht by C. Specht, published by J. Ottens, oriented to the Northeast.

Cartographer: C. Specht

Date of the first edition: 1696
Date of this map: c. 1745

Copper engraving
Size (not including margins): 37.5 x 52.5cm (14.6 x 20.5 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Original coloured, excellent.
Condition Rating: A+

From: Atlas sive Geographia compendiosa in qua Orbis Terrarum pacis attamen novissimis Tabulis Ostenditur. - Atlas Nouveau, contenant toutes les partis du monde ... R. & I. Ottens, c. 1745. (Composite Atlas).

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