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Old antique chart of the Atlantic Ocean by P. Goos & J. Van Keulen after W. Blaeu.

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***   Gorgeous example of Goos' version of Blaeu's "West Indische Paskaert"   ***

West-Indische Paskaert waer in de graden der breedde over wederzijden vande middellijn wassende so vergrooten dat die geproportioneert sijn tegen hunne nevenstaende graden der lengde; ... - P. Goos - J. Van Keulen, c. 1680.

Extremely rare and important wall map of the Atlantic Ocean, first published by W. Blaeu in 1630 and then republished by P. Goos, c.1674 and J. Van Keulen, c.1680.

Date of the 1st edition: c.1674
Date of this map: c.1680

Copper engraving, printed on paper on 4 joined sheets.
Size (not including margins): 81 x 99cm (31.6 x 38.6 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Original coloured, mint.
Condition Rating: A+
References: Burden, #442 State 2; See Schilder 4, 63 pp.114-116; See Baynton-Williams New Worlds, p.76.

Separate publication.

The title appears in a cartouche in the interior of North Africa and a second cartouche with the name of Pieter Goos has been placed in the interior of North America. The map extends from Ireland to Newfoundland in the north and to the Cape of Good Hope and the Rio de la Plata in the south, and from the Gulf of Mexico in the west to Greece in the east. An inset map in the interior of South America shows that part of the continent which could not be included in the main map.

This very large map is printed on four sheets, from just one printing plate. Rather than being printed from four separate plates, and the four sheets then being joined, this map was printed from a single large plate, once for the upper part on two joined sheets, and the same for the lower part, then the two parts being joined.

Pieter Goos was nearing the end of his career when he published a derivative of Willem Blaeu's great West Indische Paskaert of c.1630 (Burden, #233). The Blaeu was of landmark importance, being the first sea chart depicting North America to use Mercator's projection. 

Van Keulen published loose large portolan-style charts such as this one derived directly from Willem Blaeu's West-Indische Paskaert. He leaves Goos' imprint as he was a noted chartmaker and van Keulen's reputation was yet to be made, but he added also his own imprint: Seyn nu te Bekoomen By Iohannus van Kuelen

There are two states of this chart:

State 1 c.1774 With the sole imprint of Pieter Goos, upper left
State 2 c.1680 With the additional imprint of J. Van Keulen. New lines are inserted off the west coast of Africa lettered A-G.

Blaeu's chart was called "A scientific and artistic document of the first order, marking an important date in the history of nautical cartography and one of the most important contributions that the Lowlands produced in the XVII century." (Destombes & Gernez).

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