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Old antique map of Southeast Asia by J. Janssonius.

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Indiae Orientalis Nova Descriptio. - J. Janssonius, 1644-58.

Old map of Southeast Asia by J. Janssonius.

Date of the first edition: 1630
Date of this map: 1644-58

Copper engraving
Size: 39 x 50.5cm (15.2 x 19.6 inches)
Verso text: German
Condition: Original old coloured, paper age-toned, slightly soiled and foxed.
Condition Rating: B
> References: Van der Krogt 1, 8500:1B.1; Parry, Plate 4.18; Durant-Curtis, #15; Clancy, p.76 Map 6.6.

From: Novus atlas, das ist Welt-beschreibung mit schönen newen aussführlichen Taffeln inhaltende die Königreiche und Länder des gantzen Erdtreichs. Amsterdam, J. Janssonius, 1644-45. (Van der Krogt1, 424)

"The Hondius-Jansson publication included a completele new map of Southeast Asia and the East Indian archipelago by Jan Jansson entitled 'India Orientalis Nova Descriptio'. The map was the most accurate, as well as one of the most elegant, seventeenth-century maps of the East Indian Islands, and included one of the first inferences to the discoveries made on the northwestern coast of Australia in 1606 by William Jansz in the ship Duyfken. On the south coast of New Guinea the name 'Dufkens Eylant' appears, thereby immortalizing the name of the ship by which Australia had been discovered in 1606; however, the map only reaches ten degrees south latitude and does not show any part of the Australian mainland. The False Cape (Valschen Caep) and the Torres Strait or embayment, if they were mapped at all, would be hidden behind the decorative scale bar. Schilder believes that Jansson's map was of the greatest importance until the copy of the original 'Duyfken' map and the 1622 manuscript map of the Pacific by Hessel Gerritz, Blaeu's predecessor in the post of Official Hydrographer to the VOC, were found. William Blaeu must have been privy to these discoveries from his official position in the Dutch East India Company, but he did not publish his classic regional map, 'India Quae Orientalis Dicitur et Insulae Adiacentes' showing part of the Australian mainland, until 1635." (Parry, p.105)

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