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Old, antique world map in two hemispheres, by Joan Blaeu.

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Nova Et Accuratissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula. Auctore Ioanne Blaeu. - Joan Blaeu, 1664.

Old world map in two hemispheres, by Joan Blaeu.

Date of the first edition: 1658
Date of this map: 1664-65

Copper engraving, printed on paper.
Size (not including margins): 40 x 54cm (15.6 x 21.1 inches)
Verso text: Dutch
Condition: Original coloured. Stained in upper and side margins, a few light stains in centre.
Condition Rating: B+
References: Shirley (World) #428, pl.315; Van der Krogt 2, 0001:2B; Baynton-Williams New Worlds, p.96.

From: J. Blaeus Grooten Atlas, oft Werelt- Beschryving, in welcke 't Aerdryck, de Zee, en Hemel, wort vertoont en beschreven. Amsterdam, J. Blaeu, 1664-65. (Van der Krogt 2, 621)

The world map is adorned with allegorical figures along the bottom depicting the four seasons, celestial figures along the top, and portraits of the astronomers Galileo Galilei in the upper left and Tycho Brahe in the upper right.

"The new world map prepared by Joan Blaeu for his eleven-volume Atlas Major in 1662 is, unlike its predecessor, in two hemispheres. It is not directly taken from the large original of 1648 but is copied from one of his competitor's reductions, perhaps that by Nicolaas Visscher. The particular outline of California, the inclusion of Nova Albion, Pt.Sr. Franco Draco, and part of Anian are features not found on the large 1648 map.
As with all productions by the firm of Blaeu, the engraving and layout and elegance of decoration are all of the highest standard. The map is invariably printed on thick paper of quality and often superbly handcoloured. Outside the twin hemispheres at the top are celestial figures seated amid clouds; below are representations of the four seasons with each allegorical figure seated in an appropriate chariot quaintly drawn by pairs of beasts and birds." (Shirley)

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