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Old antique map of Bermuda by W. & J. Blaeu.

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Mappa Aestivarum Insularum alias Barmudas dictarum, ... - W. & J. Blaeu, 1640-43.

Old map of Bermuda by J. Blaeu.

Oriented to the Northwest.

Date of the first edition: 1630
Date of this map: 1640-43

Copper engraving, printed on paper.
Size (not including margins): 43 x 53cm (16.8 x 20.7 inches)
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Original coloured, excellent.
Condition Rating: A+
References: Van der Krogt 2, 9660:2; Baynton-Williams New Worlds, p.77; Palmer, p.10 & pl.3.

From: Novus Atlas, Das ist, Weltbeschreibung, ... Amsterdam, 1647-49. (Van der Krogt 2, 232)

"The most striking and technically brilliant map of Bermuda in the 17th century" (Palmer)
Bermuda is believed to have been discovered by accident in 1505 by a Spaniard, Juan de Bermudez. However because it was so small the group of islands remained uninhabited until an English expedition of 1609. In 1615 the Bermuda Company was founded to invest and profit from the new colony, and Richard Norwood was sent to survey the islands, using a canoe to travel around. On 1617 he divided Bermuda into firstly large parishes and then 25-acre (10-hectare) strips of shares, to be sold to settlers, as depicted on the map.
His map of the island was published in 1622, but no surviving example is known today. A derivative appeared in Speed's world atlas, the Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World, and this is believed to be the source for several continental copies.
One of the most amusing cartographical mistakes developped from Norwood's map. To show the position of Bermuda in relation to the mainland, the outline of North America is shown, with New England on the right and Florida on the left, with a small depiction of Bermuda just under the cartouche. Later cartographers, including Herman Moll, George Louis Le Rouge and Antonio Zatta copied the main map, leaving out the outline of North America but retaining the miniature version of Bermuda as extra islands. The mistake could be explained by the use of two names for the islands, the 'Summer Islands' or 'Bermuda'. (Baynton-Williams)

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