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P. Goos. De Zee-Atlas Ofte Water-Wereld, ...

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Goos's atlas, the most aesthetically pleasing of the early Dutch sea-atlases.


GOOS, Pieter (c.1616-1675).  De Zee-Atlas Ofte Water-Wereld, Waer in vertoont werden alle de Zee-Kusten Van het bekende des Aer-Bodems Seer dienstigh voor alle Heeren en Kooplieden, Als oock voor alle Schippers en Stuurlieden. Amsterdam: Pieter Goos, 1672.

Folio (51 x 32 cm), Old calf covers, rebacked and re-edged with brown leather. Engraved title + 41 double-page engraved charts on thick paper + 16 pages of text, all handcoloured in outline by a contemporary hand. Internally a very fine copy.


CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLOURED COPY OF THE ZEEATLAS, WITH 41 MAPS, INCLUDING THE WORLD MAP AND THE 11 CHARTS OF THE AMERICAS. These include California as an island ('Paskaerte van Nova Granada en t'Eylandt California'; map 40), and the rare and very desirable Hudson River map ('Paskaert van de Zuydt en Noordt Revier'; map 34). This latter is omitted from later issues with 40 maps only. The text includes a short history of the origin and growth of navigation.

Koeman IV Goos 10,

Goos was "one of the best known maritime booksellers of Amsterdam" (Koeman), and responsible for publishing a number of different sea-atlases or pilots. His background was more as an engraver - his father Abraham was also a skilled engraver. Unlike Doncker and his other contemporaries, Pieter Goos's intention was less to produce a functional sea-atlas but more a visually appealing volume to be consulted in a library environment - hence the emphasis on the title-page on the utility of the atlas to "Heeren en Kooplieden" (gentlemen and merchants) in advance of "Schippers en Stuurlieden" (pilots and seamen).

The standard form of the index calls for forty charts, but the Zee-Atlas was also available with forty-one charts, and indivudual examples of the various editions can be found with an additional chart, as here, which is the most desirable of the charts in the atlas. This additional chart, the "Paskaerte van de Zuydt en Noordt Revier in Nieu Nederlant", is the first printed Dutch sea-chart to focus on the Dutch possessions in New York, showing the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam with the settlements on Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island, south to Delaware Bay and including the lower course of the Delaware River.

Another important and famous chart in the volume is the "Paskaert van Nova Grenada, en t'Eylandt California", one of the two earliest Dutch printed charts to focus on the "island" of Califormia.

"Pieter Goos' marine atlases were held to be among the finest printed at the time ..." (Shirley)

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