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Old antique map of Africa by G.B. Ramusio.

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Prima Tavola. - Ramusio G.B., 1554.     ***   RARE FIRST STATE   ***

Old, antique map of Africa by G.B. Ramusio.

Oriented to the South.

Cartographer: G. Gastaldi

Woodcut, printed on paper from two woodcuts.
Size (not including margins): 22.5 x 14.5cm (8.7 x 5.7 inches)
Verso text: Italian
Condition: Centrefold repaired (in central margin), trimmed at top with some loss of letterpress title.
Condition Rating: B+
References: Betz, #4; Norwich O.I., #6; Karrow, 30/73; Nordenskiold 3, 641(1)

From: Primo Volume, & Seconda editione Delle Navigatione et Viaggi ... Venice, 1554.

One of the most important texts, which first appeared in print in Ramusio’s work, is Leo Africanus’s Descrittione dell’Affrica. It was the first modern account of North and West Africa by an indigenous writer, giving information on geography, animals, government, customs and religion.

This map appeared for the first time in the second edition of Vol.1 of Ramusio's Delle Navigationi et Viaggi in 1554. The first edition of Vol.1 from 1550 only contained a woodcut of the Nile and six plans of the rock-cut churches of Lalibala in Abyssynia. This map is only found in the second edition and was replaced in the third edition of 1563 by a copperplate engraved map.

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