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Old antique sea chart of the Pacific Ocean, by J. Van Keulen.

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Pascaert vande Zuyd Zee en een Gedeelte van Brasil van Ilhas de Ladrones tot R. de la Plata ... - J. Van Keulen, 1680-1695.

Old sea chart of the Pacific Ocean, by J. Van Keulen.

Insular California.

Date of the first edition: 1680
Date of this map: 1680-1690

Copper engraving
Size (not including margins): 52 x 59cm (20.3 x 23 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Original coloured, some reinforcements in centre.
Condition Rating: A
References: Burden, #518 State 1; McLaughlin, #76; Tooley (America), #45; Tooley (Australia), #795; Wagner, #443; Clancy, p.110 Map 7.4.

From: De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Werelt. ... Amsterdam, J. Van Keulen, 1680-1690. (Koeman, Keu2-19).

"The entire east coast of the Americas is shown. NIEU NEDERLANDT is still written large, holding on the idea of a Dutch presence in North America which had ended in 1674, although recognition of the English possession is, in fact, given as Nieuw Yorck is identified without mention of the Dutch name New Amsterdam. Verginia is given greater prominence. California is altered to reflect the more recent belief of a double bay northern coastline first depicted by Luke Foxe in 1635. Here van Keulen draws upon the Pieter Goos form of 1663 with a mainland peninsula labelled Agubela de Cato, and a Straet Anian immediately to the north of it.

The extent of the map into Asia is not as far as the Janssonius, although in this region it draws upon the cartography of the Pieter Goos version, 1663. It records the discovery by Abel Tasman of New Zealand and Tasmania. The Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia, is featured as is the mistaken COMPAGNIES LAND which was, in fact, one of the Kurile Islands." (Burden)

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