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Three old antique maps of Brazil: Pernambuco (South) + Pernambuco (North) - + Paraiba, by Joan Blaeu.

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Praefecturae Paranambucae pars Meridionalis [in set with:] Praefecturae Paranambucae pars Borealis, una cum Praefectura de Itamaraca [and] Praefecturae de Paraiba, et Rio Grande. (3 maps) - Joan Blaeu, 1662.

Three old, antique maps of Brazil: Pernambuco (South & North) & Paraiba, by Joan Blaeu.

Oriented to the West.

Cartographer: Cornelis Goliath & Georg Marcgraf

Date of the first edition: 1647 (= C. Barlaeus)
Date of this map: 1662

Copper engravings
Size each: 42 x 53.5cm - one map: 42 x 44.5 cm
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Original coloured, some light staining.
Condition Rating: A
References: Van der Krogt 2, 9850/2:2D - 9850/3:2D - 9850/4:2D; Baynton-Williams New Worlds, p.77.

From: Atlas Maior, Sive Cosmographia Blaviana, Qua Solum, Salum, Coelum, Accuratissime Describuntur. Amsterdam, J. Blaeu, 1662-65. (Van der Krogt 2, 601-3)

These maps are the first maps of Brazil based on Dutch rather than Portuguese interest. Between 1630 and 1654 a large part of Brazil was occupied by the Dutch. In this period the area was surveyed and mapped by the cartographers Cornelis Goliath and Georg Marcgraf. The results were compiled in a decorative wall map in 1643. Joan Blaeu used the wall map as his source for these maps. They appeared first in Caspar Barlaeus' "Rerum per octennium in Brasilia et alibi nuper gestarum ...", a book published by J. Blaeu in 1647, which remained for over a century the best guide to north-eastern Brazil.
The map of Paraiba shows a scene with the Tupinamba village with a procession of native people carrying a Dutch flag. The map of Northern Pernambuco shows a sugar plantation, based upon a drawing by Frans Post.

See Whitehead P., "The Marcgraf Map of Brazil", Map Collector 40 (1987).

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