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Old antique plan of Goa, by Jan Huygen van Linschoten.

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Ailhae Cidade de Goa Metropolitana da Indiae Partes Orientais que esta en 15 Graos da Banda da Norte. - Jan Huygen van Linschoten, 1596.

Old, antique bird's eye view and plan of the isle and city of Goa, by Jan Huygen van Linschoten.

With dedication by Van Linschoten to archduke Albert of Austria.

Engraver: Baptista Van Doetecum.

Date of the first edition: 1596
Date of this map: 1596
Date on map: 1595

Copper engraving, printed on two sheets of paper, joined.
Size (not including margins): 56.5 x 79.5cm (22 x 31 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Narrow margins as issued, excellent.
Condition Rating: A
References: Schilder 7, Ill. 10.2; TNH Doet4, #932 II.

From: Jan Huygen van Linschoten, Itinerario, Voyage ofte Schipvaert naer Oost ofte Portugaels Indien.... Amsterdam: C. Claesz, 1595-96.
One of the pathfinders for the first Dutch voyages to the East was surely Jan Huygen van Linschoten (1562-1611), whose Reysgeschrift (1595) and Itinerario (1596) were published by Cornelis Claesz. The young Jan Huygen left for Spain at age 16. At first, he was enticed by distant lands. In 1579, he followed his older brothers, who had already been living in Spain for several years. In 1583, he set sail with a fleet heading for Goa in India. There, he entered the service of the new archbishop.
The years that Jan Huygen spent in Goa, the administrative center of Portugal's widespread colonial territory in the East, provided an excellent opportunity to collect a wealth of information. Ships from all directions came into port here, and a keen observer like Jan Huygen could inform himself on the patterns of trade and the economic opportunities all the way to China and Japan. Gathering information about the trade, he also wanted to find out everything about the peoples, plants, and animals in diverse Asian territories. In the foreword to his Itinerario, Jan Huygen refers to the fact that he could not help but take note of everything (translation): "to take notes, lay down in drawings or draw in image everything to the best of my ability." For instance, during his six-year sojourn in Goa, he also drew a bird's eye view of this city. Later, Baptista van Doetecum made a copper engraving of the town plan; it was included in the Itinerario and also appeared separately. (Schilder)

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