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Old antique map of Scandinavia by Francesco Santini

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Les Royaumes de Suede et Norwege Divisés par Provinces et Gouvernements. - Francesco Santini, 1776.

Old, antique map of Denmark, by Francesco Santini.

With a large inset of Iceland.

Cartographer: Jean Denis Janvier (Sieur)


First state with the imprint of Remondini: with engraved page numbers in the top right corner: "P.I.45".

Date of the first edition: 1776
Date of this map: 1776

Copper engraving, printed on paper.
Size (not including margins): 48 x 56cm (18.7 x 21.8 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Original coloured in outline, excellent.
Condition Rating: A+
References: Pedley, #72.

From: Atlas Universel dressé sur les meilleures cartes modernes. Venice, Remondini, 1776.

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