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Old antique map of the Black Sea and surroundings, by Francesco Santini.

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Carte de la Partie Septentrionale de l'Empire Otoman Contenant la Crimée, la Moldavie, la Valakie, la Bulgarie, avec la Nouvelle Russie, les Gouvernement d'Astracan, et de Voronez, les Tatares Cosaques &. - Francesco Santini, 1776.

Antique 6-sheet wall map of the Black Sea and surroundings, by Francesco Santini, after Giovanni Rizzi-Zannoni (Sieur).

Shows parts of Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Krim and Constantinople.
Based on Rizzi-Zannoni's 3-sheet map of 1774.


First state with the imprint of Remondini: with engraved page numbers in the top right corner: "P.I.55".

Date of the first edition: 1776
Date of this map: 1776

Copper engraving, printed on six sheets of paper, not joined..
Size of each sheet: (not including margins): 42.5 x 56cm (16.6 x 21.8 inches)
Size when joined: 82.5 x 161.5cm (32.2 x 63 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Original coloured in outline, excellent.
Condition Rating: A+

From: Atlas Universel dressé sur les meilleures cartes modernes. Venice, Remondini, 1776.

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