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Old antique map of China, by Abraham Ortelius.

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Chinae, Olim Sinarum regionis, nova descriptio. - Abraham Ortelius, 1584.            First edition

Old, antique map of China, by Abraham Ortelius.

Oriented to the West.

Cartographer: Ludovicus Georgius

Date of the first edition: 1584
Date of this map: 1584

Date on map: 1584 

Copper engraving, printed on paper.
Size (not including margins): 37.5 x 47.5cm (14.7 x 18.4 inches)
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Original coloured, excellent.
Condition Rating: A+
References: Van der Krogt 3, 8410:31; Van den Broecke, #164; Baynton-Williams New Worlds, p.41; Suarez (SE Asia), p.164, pl.88.

From: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. Antwerp, Christoffel Plantin, 1584. (Van der Krogt, 31:031)

The first printed map of China. Signed by Ludovico Georgio (= Luiz Jorge de Barbuda, a Portuguese Jesuit) who made a manuscript map of China which reached Ortelius via Arias Montanus (Meurer p.111-112).

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