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America - Atlantic Ocean, by Laurent Fries - Martin Waldseemüller.


Oceani occide~talis Seu Terre Nove Tabula., 1525.

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Item Number:  26331
Category:  Antique maps > America > The Americas
References: Karrow - 28/29, Burden - #4, Moreland-Bannister - p.246

Old Ptolemy map of America and the Atlantic Ocean, by L. Fries, after M. Waldseemüller.

Title from verso.

Cartographer: Martin Waldseemüller

Date of the first edition: 1522
Date of this map: 1525

Woodcut, printed on paper.
Size (not including margins): 28.5 x 38cm (11.2 x 14.7 inches)
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Excellent.
Condition Rating: A+
References: Karrow, 28/29; Burden, #4; Moreland-Bannister, p.246.

From: Martin Waldseemüller - Laurent Fries, Opus Geographiae. Strasbourg, J. Grüninger, 1525. (Karrow, 28/G.1; Shirley (Brit. Lib.), T.PTOL.7b))

"In 1522 Laurent Fries published an edition of Ptolemy's Geography in which virtually all of the maps, including this one, were reduced versions of Waldseemüller's, 1513. Some of the more notable differences are the Columbus name PARIAS found in North America, misplaced from South America, the addition of a Spanish flag over Cuba, and a scene in South America depicting cannibals and an opossum both of which had been reported by Vespucci. The last map is taken directly from Martin Waldseemüller's great twelve sheet Carta Marina of the world, 1516. Here also the TERRA INCOGNITA has been replaced by TERRA NOVA, and the reference to America's discovery by Columbus is repeated. A large area of text below Hispaniola contains a description of that island's location, its discovery by Columbus, and its products.

The last two editions (1535 and 1541) were published by Michael Servetus who was burned alive for heresy. On the orders of Jean Calvin copies of this book were destroyed. The text on the reverse of the map in the last two editions, ends with a protest against the use of the name 'America' for the New World." (Burden)