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The Pacific with Eastern New Guinea and Van Diemen's Land. by V.M. Coronelli. 1696-97


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Item Number:  25821
Category:  Antique maps > Australia
References: Shirley (World) - 537

Old map - globe gore with a part of the Pacific with Eastern New Guinea and Van Diemen's Land, by Vincenzo Coronelli.

Date of the first edition: 1688
Date of this map: 1696-97

Copper engraving, printed on paper.
Size (not including margins): 47.5 x 28.5cm (18.5 x 11.1 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Excellent
Condition Rating: A+
References: Shirley (World), 537.

From: Atlante Veneto: Isolario descrittione geografico-historia. Venice: 1696-97.

"In the early 1680s Vincenzo Coronelli constructed two vast globes - terrestrial and celestial - over fifteen feet in diameter for Louis XIV. These globes were drawn and painted by hand, whereas Coronelli's globes of 1688 were based on printed gores of which sets are extant in the British Library and Library of Congress. They represent a globe of 110 centimetres in diameter: one of the largest based on printed gores hitherto. The polar calottes were printed separately.
The engraving and design throughout is of the highest standard with neat contrasting lettering and five large cartouches of singular grace and elegance. . . .
Some of the half-gores from the 1688 plates were reprinted in the 1696-97 edition of his Isolario and later in his Libro dei Globi with the dedication redated 1699. Pages from these works are thus available to collectors." (Shirley)