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Miniature - Bruges, c. 1460. c. 1460


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Item Number:  25216
Category:  Medieval manuscripts > Miniature

Illuminated miniature from a Book of Hours, Bruges, c. 1460.

Painted in the style of Willem Vrelant, on vellum.
58 x 37m, pasted to a vellum leaf.

Vrelant, from Utrecht, had settled in Bruges by 1454 where he rapidly attracted prestigious patrons, headed by the Dukes of Burgundy, Philip the Good and his successor, Charles the Bold, and also worked with assistants to meet the demands of a wider market. The artist of this miniature is close to Vrelant in style and technique, deploying rich comparatively unmodulated colours, clarified and defines by line, to create attractively detailed scenes even on this small scale.