Kenneth A. Kershaw

Early Printed Maps of Canada

Vol. I 1540-1703.

Kershaw Publishing, 1993. ISBN 0-9697184-0-3

Vol. II 1703-1799.

Maps of Canada, the Arctic, Newfoundland, The River & Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Kershaw Publishing, 1996. ISBN 0-9697184-1-1

Vol.III 1703-1799.

Maps of Eastern Canada & Newfoundland, The Maritimes, Nova Scotia, Haliofax, Prince Edward Island, Sable Island, Cape Breton, Louisbourg, & the Great Lakes.

Alexander Books, 2002. ISBN 0-9731713-0-8

Vol. IV 1703-1799.

Quebec City & Province, Siege of Quebec, Montreal, West Coast and Admiral de Fonte.

Alexander Books, 2002. ISBN 0-9731713-1-6