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Antique map - panoramic view of Seville by Braun and Hogenberg c. 1610


Sevilla, Hispalis


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Category:  Antique maps > Europe > Spain and Portugal

Antique map - panoramic view of Seville by Braun and Hogenberg, after a drawing by Georg Hoefnagel.

TRANSLATION OF BANDEROLE TEXT: Seville. He who has not seen it, has not seen a marvel.

CAPTION BOTTOM: To D. Nicholas Maleparte, dearest old friend and comrade from Seville, as a token of friendship, from Georg Hoefnagel in the year 1593 in Frankfurt am Main.

COMMENTARY BY BRAUN (on verso): "The general opinion is that Seville was built by the grandsons of Hercules: I wish neither to contradict nor refute this opinion, for it is uncertain. Be it built by whom it may, Seville is a large and wealthy city and to my mind is to be preferred to many Spanish cities, if not all."

This engraving of Seville offers a distant view of the city. Hoefnagel is more concerned, however, with the figures in the foreground, where a punishment scene is unfolding: a procuress or an adulteress, bared from the waist up, has been smeared with honey and is swarming with bees. The cuckold follows behind, wearing large antlers and a string of Bells. The procession is accompanied by magistrates. In the centre Hoefnagel and Maleparte watch the scene. (Taschen)

Date of the first edition: 1596
Date of this map: c. 1610

Copper engraving
Size: 35.5 x 49.5cm (13.9 x 19.3 inches)
Verso text: French
Condition: Contemporary coloured, lower centrefold split reinforced.
Condition Rating: A
References: Van der Krogt 4, 3966 State 1; Taschen, Braun and Hogenberg, p.350.

From: Théâtre des Principales Villes de tout l'Univers. Tome 5. c. 1610.

References: Van der Krogt 4 - 3966 State 1; Taschen (Br. Hog.) - p.350