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Châtelain Z. Atlas historique. 1708-1720. After 1660


Atlas historique ou Nouvelle introduction à l'histoire, à la chronologie & à la Geographie ancienne & moderne; ...

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Item Number:  24533 Authenticity Guarantee

Category:  Books > Atlases

Sabin (America), 29141; Koeman II, pp. 33-38

A nice example of this encyclopaedic historical atlas. This atlas was intended for the general public, fascinated in the early eighteenth century by the recently conquered colonies and the new discoveries. Distant countries, such as the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Mongolia, China, Japan, Indonesia, etc., take an important place in this work. Other sections deal with the history of the european countries, genealogy and heraldry. Volume 6 relates mostly to the Americas and contains a fine dark copy (bound in two large sheets, joined) of the Carte très curieuse de la Mer du Sud, depicting the history of discovery in the western hemisphere from the time of Columbus to the French explorations in North America in the late seventeenth century. In addition to the maps, many of which are based on Guillaume de l'Isle, the plates are after the best travel accounts of the period, such as those of Dapper, Chardin, de Bruyn, Le Hay and other.

The atlas was published by L'Honoré & Châtelain in seven volumes in various editions from 1705 to 1739. It was compiled by Mr. C*** (anon.) with 'Dissertations', i.e. compositions of text, maps, plates and chronological and genealogical tables by Mr. Gueudeville, except volume VII where this task was taken over by H.P. Limiers.
In each volume, the maps, plates and tables are numbered consecutively.

In this set, the volumes are dated 1: 1713; 2 & 3: 1708; 4: 1714; 5 & 6: 1719; 7: 1720.