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The "Newe Welt" is an important and magnificent work.
GOTFRIED J.L. (Abelin)


Newe Welt und Americanische Historien. ...

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Item Number:  2653 Authenticity Guarantee

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Sabin (America) 50; Borba de Moraes, 371ff;

For a long time this work was attributed to J.F. Abelin, author of the Theatrum Europoeum and a collaborator of De Bry's.
The fact that the printer, Matheus Merian, was De Bry's son-in-law and continued his work, and that in this book he included plates and text previously published in De Bry's famous collection, led many bibliographers to believe the Newe Welt to be a supplementary volume to the Grands Voyages.
The work is divided into three parts. The first contains the history, geography, and natural history of the Americas. It contains a résumé of the Histories of Acosta, Oviedo, Peter Martyr, Herrera, de Laet, etc. The second part contains the accounts of 33 voyages to America, from Columbus to Spilbergen and Schouten. The third part is largely concerned with the voyage of Jacob l'Hermite, the conquests of Brazil by the Dutch and the remainder with other small voyages, descriptions of Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Guyana, and the expedition to Chile made by Henry Brouwer and Elias Herckman, etc.
The first edition was published in 1631.
Borba de Moraes: "It is obvious that the Newe Welt is an important and magnificent work. It is greatly sought after, expensive and rare."

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