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Miniature, Ghent, c. 1460


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Item Number:  25450 Authenticity Guarantee

Category:  Medieval manuscripts > Miniature

Arch-topped miniature with full-page borders, illuminated with burnished and liquid gold.

Painted on vellum.
Page size: 18.5 x 13cm (7.1 x 5.1 in)

This miniature comes from a book of hours illuminated in the style of the Masters of the Beady Eyes (Maitres aux Yeux-Bridés), named from their distinctive manner of delineating eyes with firm dark lines and a beady dot. Although their work relates to that of the earlier Masters of the Gold Scrolls, localised to Bruges, the Master of the Beady Eyes were active mainly in Ghent in the third quarter of the 15 century.