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Old, antique map - sea chart of Texel & Maas by Goos P.


De Texel Stroom met de gaten vant Marsdiep. [On sheet with:] Caarte van De Mase ende het Goereesche Gat.

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Item Number:  19068
Category:  Antique maps > Europe > The Netherlands

Old map - sea chart of Texel & Maas by Goos P.

Copper engraving
Size: 43 x 53cm (16.8 x 20.7 inches)
Margins: Left & right: 2cm, top & bottom: 1 - 1.5cm
Verso: Blank
Condition: Old coloured, on thick paper.
References: Koeman IV, Goos1B (8).

From: De Zee-Atlas, Ofte Water-Weereld, Waer in vertoont werden alle de Zee-Kusten Van het bekende des Aerd-Bodems. P. Goos, 1666. (Koeman, Goos1B)

"Pieter Goos' marine atlases were held to be among the finest printed at the time and were often added tot the nine or twelve volumes of Blaeu's Atlas Maior." (Shirley)